"I have been training with Bruce for nine years. He has helped to bring me from a farm girl with a dream, to a working actor. Bruce has an amazing gift with actors. He can immediately pick out your best qualities. He focuses on those. He does give critique but Bruce has this way of critiquing an actor while building their self-esteem and confidence in front of the camera. His sense of humour puts our nerves at ease. He encourages us to feel free to be ourselves and take risks. He is generous with his time and energy, always willing to squeeze in a coaching or stay after class to discuss a scene. He is passion for the craft of acting is infectious. He is my coach and my friend. I can’t imagine pursuing this crazy career without his support."

The Listener/Alex Kendrick; Remedy/Natasha; Rookie Blues/Edie Larson

"I’m on a plane to Budapest working, so no time - but knowing you - there are a lot of musicians in Vancouver who would love to hear something like understanding how to transition what I knew instinctively as a musician into the language of acting – you helped me with my first big American role - that got me ready for the life changing role in the Sundance award-winning 'Down to the Bone' – I remember you helping me with all of those horrible auditions and having the time and patience and humor to unlock so many of the things I needed, so I could get where I wanted to go... thank you Bruce - you helped me so much back then, and I know how important it is to have a strong coach...."

Flashpoint/Ed Lane; The Killing/Francis Becker; Continuum/Stan Escher

"Bruce helped me focus and fine tune my work at a crucial point in my acting career. Working with him gave me the confidence I needed to land my first feature, and my first lead on a series. I recommend his classes to actors who are starting out or trying to get an edge in the business. It doesn't hurt that he is such a friendly, approachable guy either."

Heartland/Lou Fleming; Stargate Atlantis/F.R.A.N.; The L Word/Abigail

"In the early days - when I was trying to make the transition from Theatre to Film it was rough. Auditions to me were, scary, brutal things that I treated with contempt - not the best way to win a part. Bruce grounded me, worked with me and helped me unlock the actor I knew I wanted to be. He loves the work and is always willing to help. He never made our sessions convoluted with theory - he only focused on me being able to show people what I had - and helped me unlock it. Immediately after I started working with him, I booked the gig that really changed my career. I owe him so much for that."

   -ALLAN HAWCO Actor/Writer/Producer:Republic of Doyle/Jake Doyle

"Bruce Clayton is arguably the best acting coach in the country. His knowledge of the craft and the business has not only been essential to my success in acting over the eleven years we've worked together, but has also been a huge part of my growth as a person. Anyone who understands the work we do knows that we, the actors, and the lives we live, are the material with which we make our art. Bruce supports the art and the artist. He encourages us to live and act with courage and self-love and does so with such a joy, it is impossible not to be impacted positively. Thanks to him there's both clarity and spontaneity in my work, and his coachings have helped me to book continuous gigs in LA. There is no one else I keep going back to and no one else who can renew my love and passion for the work after the business has gotten me down. I am a very lucky woman to have such a great mentor in my life. I refer all of my friends and colleagues to him and not one of them have returned to me without saying he has changed them for the better.

     -JEANANNE GOOSSEN - The Night Shift/Krista Bell-Hart